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Rules and Conditions You Agree to When Purchasing a Product:

1. The warranty for checking the account after purchase is no more than 12 hours (unless individual terms are specified in the account description on the website). The warranty starts from the moment the customer receives the product.
If you encounter any issues after purchasing the product, contact the store's support team immediately via (telegram); don't delay. The sooner you write, the greater the chance that the issue will be resolved in your favor.

When a customer contacts tech support, expect a response within 24 hours of your request (usually, it happens faster).

Account replacement is only possible if the account was initially invalid/wrong information/account deleted/has restrictions (if this functionality was mentioned in the account description).

Account replacements are not made if the account was initially valid but got blocked immediately/after any activities. The issue is likely on your end, and you didn't follow the account usage rules.

2. Refunds are available if it's impossible to replace an invalid account. The refund will be credited only to the balance of your personal account. Refunding to the original payment method is at the store's discretion (a transfer fee may be applied if it exceeds 1%).
No refunds or product replacements are made if the customer purchased the wrong accounts or was inattentive. All responsibility for such actions lies with the buyer.

3. When using accounts purchased on, the following is prohibited:

  • Using your original (local, home) IP address;
  • Using any VPN services (paid or free);
  • Using virtual machines, device emulators, servers (VPS, VDS);
  • Using IPv6 proxies, shared proxies, public proxies;
  • Logging into 2 or more accounts using 1 device and 1 proxy server.
  • For 1 account, you should use IPv4/private mobile/residential proxies and 1 new device. Ideally, an anti-detect browser.

If these rules are violated, the store has the right to refuse to replace an invalid product.

4. The warranty for using the product applies only to the ability to log into the account with a username and password (unless otherwise specified in the description, for example, login via Cookies).
If the accounts do not work, or do not work correctly in third-party (your) software/extensions/scripts, etc., this is not a reason for replacement/refund.

5. After purchasing the product, the buyer must change the data to their own (password/email, etc.) within 12 hours to avoid accidental logins/data changes by third parties.
After receiving the product, all responsibility for the security of the accounts lies with the customer.
The store is not responsible for products on which data have been changed after some time.

6. After purchasing the product, check/use it immediately. Do not delay, as if you reach out after the warranty period has expired, a replacement may be denied if the product is invalid.

7. The buyer agrees not to create unnecessary flood/spam, to insult/use offensive language towards the store and its employees; otherwise, the store has the right to refuse service/block the customer without any compensation.

8. After receiving the product, the BUYER is obligated to keep the product for themselves, with the possibility of further use; the store is NOT a repository for purchased goods.

9. If the buyer has made any changes to the purchased product and only afterward discovered that some additional data on the account do not work and seeks a refund/replacement, the buyer may be denied due to the changes made to the account.

10. The warranty may become invalid if you reach out after the established period has expired. Regardless of whether support is online or not, you must send a request immediately after discovering any issues with the product.
The request to support must include a full description of the problem with all data such as: order number/email/description of the problem/screenshot of the problem/list of problematic accounts.
The longer you delay and do not provide complete data immediately, the greater the chance of being denied a replacement.

11. The store and its employees do not provide the following services:
They do not offer training in account usage or consultations on how to work with accounts.
When purchasing accounts, you must know what you need the accounts for, how to properly log into and use them.
They do not offer any other services besides account sales.

P.S. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from responsibility.
The store reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice to customers!