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Accounts Telegram | United States (+1) | Soft reg | Session+json (for special software) | Sex Mix | 2-FA

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Product Description:
Registration Method
Soft reg.
Country/Registration Number
 United States (+1).
Date/Year of registration
Session+Json. Accounts are logged in using software that supports this format. Buy only if you know how to use this format.
Activated 2FA authorisation
Format of accounts issued. The data format is provided to facilitate the reading of the received data and may vary in some cases, which does not affect the operation of the accounts.

Download link for the data archive

Accounts can only be accessed using proxies from the country of account registration! If you log in using proxies from another country or without proxies, the accounts may be banned!
Replacement for non-valid accounts is only possible with a video recording!
The video recording should start from the beginning of the order and continue until the accounts are launched, without interruptions or pauses.
The current time should be displayed in the video.
The video should run without interruptions.
The video should reflect the current version of your software on the current date.
The video should demonstrate that work is being done with proxies from the same country as the accounts you purchased.
Account verification should be done without converting files to another format.
Buying Recommendations:
  • Use high-quality mobile or residential proxies to log in to accounts
  • Logging in with VPN/Home IP/Free proxies is prohibited.
  • First, buy a small number of accounts and test them to see if they are suitable for you. Only after that, purchase a larger quantity of accounts.
The accounts offered in our store for sale are accounts from suppliers, so we recommend that you change the access to your own (passwords and other additional data) after purchasing the product. All of this is stated in the store's rules.